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Annual Overview Heights and Minds 2022

A special thank you to our partners, sponsors, volunteers, interns, and everyone who has supported Heights and Minds this past year 💖 Together we have contributed to a better future for many children in Senegal, Indonesia, and Uganda. Curious about all of the achievements this past year? Check out our Annual Overview of 2022 (click on the photo and 'go to link').

The KYC MindUp in Uganda has opened it's door on April 11 2022!

On April 11 2022 we've celebrated the official opening of the KYC MindUp in Kawempe District, Uganda! The past month,11 participants followed the Heights and Minds' MindUp training at KYC to become MindUp Managers and Volunteers. From now on, the MUMs are ready to monitor children's growth and counsel pregnant women and parents of young children on the growth and development of their child. Click on the image and "go to link" to read more about the KYC MindUp opening and training!


Ruang Riung Ceria

Le RRC sera ouvert en janvier 2021 - voit le page partenaires pour plus d'informations


Fondation Tunas Nusa

Nous avons signe le 30 octubre, 2020, le Memoradum entre Tunas Nusa et HMF avec le but d'ouvrir un MindUp an Indonesia


Le 15 janvier 2020, le MindUp Keur Jaboot à Jaxaay, Dakar, Sénegal, a été inauguré.


Diam Ak Khewal

Le 31 octobre 2019, le MindUp Tawfekh Diam à Hann Bel Air, Dakar, Sénegal a ouvert ses portes.

Partnership CLM and HMF

Le 30 octobre 2019, le partenariat entre la Commission nationale de la nutrition et Heights and Minds a été signé.


La Fondation Heights and Minds a été créée en novembre 2017.

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