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The amount you have given will grant a child or multiple children MindUp visits.   

The first 1,000 days of life of a child's life, from pregnancy to two years, are fundamental for their future. 


Children triple in weight, nearly double in height, and the brain grows at lightning speed. Brain damage is most likely to occur when a child is chronically malnourished within this period. 

MindUp visits help to prevent chronic malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life. 

Let us show you how:

The MindUp


Ideally, a woman comes to the MindUp for the first time when she knows that she is pregnant. Follow-up visits are scheduled every 100 days up to the child's second birthday.


Growth Monitoring

During a MindUp visit, the child's height and weight are measured and inserted into the Service Highway, Heights and Minds' online registry and monitoring system. This is done through a MindUp Manager (MUM) or MindUp Assistant, who obtained certification from the MindUp Training Program.

Growth monitoring helps to early detect (chronic) malnutrition. 


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Growth Promotion


Based on the child's height and weight, a growth chart is automatically generated within the Service Highway. The child's growth chart is linked to personalized counselling messages and educational videos to promote the child's growth and development. 

A MUM or MindUp Assistant communicates these messages to the child's parents and refers them to a health professional when the child is (at risk of becoming) chronically malnourished. 


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Pregnant women and parents can attend activities hosted by the MindUp anytime they want. During these activities, they have the opportunity to share experiences and learn in a fun way about their child's growth and development. Children can play in the play corner while their parents learn.


Activities could range from:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, or complementary feeding support groups


  • Cooking workshops such as learning how to make smoothies that are suitable for pregnant women, healthy snacks for young children, and the appropriate foods and textures during the complementary phase

  • (Urban) gardening workshops

  • Workshops on how to make early stimulation toys from household items

  • Cooking competitions between the Global MindUps

    And many more!


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Children are experiencing the joy of living a happy, healthy, and productive life!

Thanks to your donation, children worldwide have the opportunity to reach their potential and have a fair chance at a happy, healthy, and productive life!

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